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But after having pushed myself to play her

But after having pushed myself to play her, I have today actually come to understand people around me much better than I did before. Five supernatural films really isn’t a lot. That’s where these 14 years have brought me” she shares. I’m the actress who is completely involved in the entire filmmaking process. He explained to me that there are people who really, really want what I’m getting the chance to do, so I should think a thousand times before throwing it away like that.“When I first entered the industry, I was a brat.

That’s another thing this medium has given me. And he would look at me incredulously and ask me why on earth did I want to tan a shade darker than I already was I used to do things like switching off my phone and taking off, leaving him wondering where I had vanished,” she laughs and reveals that Vikram Bhatt has had a tremendous role to play in guiding her towards a better, more responsible way of conducting herself. She was jealous, dark and evil while I’m personally a very secure person, content with what I have.Gorgeous Bipasha Basu talks about her journey as an actress and as an individual through the 14 years she has spent in the Indian film industry so far China wholesale instant heating electric tap Bipasha Basu Gorgeous Bipasha Basu talks about her journey as an actress and as an individual through the 14 years she has spent in the Indian film industry so farBipasha Basu might have been tagged Bollywood’s ‘Horror Queen’ but she begs to differ.

Think about it,” she reasons and then adds as an afterthought, “but anyway, I don’t mind being Queen of anything as long as I’m Queen!” In the capital to promote her upcoming release, Alone, she looks back over her 14-year-old career in the Indian film industry so far and shares with us how grateful she feels for everything that has come her way through it. I didn’t understand the concept of working every day. Money never excited me and was never my motivation anyway. I became much more professional with time, therefore, and grew to love the medium. And that has been such a revelation sometimes!”. “I should be termed ‘Thriller Queen’ actually, since I’ve done some 30 thrillers over the course of my career so far. Today, I love what I’m doing and am not the actress who just comes on set, gives her shots and leaves. I remember, while shooting for Raaz I had expressed a desire to go back to college because I was bored and had already done one successful film inAjnabee.

Over the years, he really pulled my ears and told me that I needed to seriously respect the opportunities I was being given. My manager at the time, Jatin Rajguru, had handled actors who already belonged to filmy families and therefore had lives that were all about films. I take my own decisions and make my own mistakes. As she pointed out herself, she has done several thrillers along the course of her career and some of them have had her delving into grey shades of characters that she has often admitted are the most challenging for her to portray. To play certain characters, I have also had to tap into aspects of my own self that I didn’t know existed inside me. She points out that they have also been catalysts to a wider learning process as an individual as she reveals, “The darkest film I’ve done in my entire career is Raaz 3, where I was playing this decaying actress who will go to any lengths to hold on to her waning stardom. I had come in from a modeling background and would suddenly up and say, okay I want to go to Goa, lie on the beach and tan. I would see people in the industry with insecurities like her and just not understand why that was so

There were no countries or agencies named

The vulnerability in IoT could make it easy for hackers to prey on public privacy and security, and for governments to spy on public. US intel chief states that spy agencies can make use of these gadgets to track movements, sensitive information. Scary, isn’t it According to arstechnica, James Clapper, the US director for national intelligence, told the lawmakers that governments across the globe are likely to employ the IoT as a spy tool. IoT devices are smart, internet-enabled, can be used for spying on your privacy.

For example, your refrigerator can shop for food items that are exhausted, or your washing machine or air conditioner can be switched on or off from your instant heating tap Manufacturers smartphone when you are away. According to arstechnica, the information coming out from the nations’ top spy chief means that there is already a possibility of US spy agents trying to exploit the same.In his testimony, Clapper claims that smart devices incorporated into the electric grid, in smart vehicles, household appliances and alike, are improving efficiency and convenience apart from saving on energy.He goes ahead to mention that the IoT innovation will have a significant impact on our everyday life. However, these devices threaten to compromise on privacy. Physical objects and devices, such as gadgets, home appliances, vehicles, buildings, and many more, operate on complex electronics.

There were no countries or agencies named, but according to a recent study done by Havard, US authorities are claimed to be harvesting the IoT for spying.IoT devices are smart, internet-enabled, can be used for spying on your privacy. Each of these devices can be controlled from the internet, and if you are unlucky, a hacker can be the man in the middle to take over without your knowledge. Each of these can actually be connected to a network, be it the local hotspot or the internet at large. This can add to global instability that is already caused by infectious diseases, hunger, climate changes and AI.However, as devices are evolving to be smarter, they can also be a threat.IoT, or Internet of Things is the upcoming technology where many or all devices that are electronic, can communicate with each other and make life simpler for humans and themselves.

These devices can be used to tap into locations, voice, video, identification theft, and many other areas where privacy and sensitive data is concerned. Will IoT be secure enough Should this technology be kept back in the freezer. Similarly, these IoT devices can be controlled from another source from across the internet. Each of these devices, if connected to the internet, can also talk to other devices outside its network, for various reasons. When connected, they can update themselves with the information they need from its electronic connected environment. Tens and billions of devices could be exploited and this could be catastrophic. Thouh this will be an economic prosperity, it will bring about its own set of vulnerabilities. So now imagine your smart television being hacked to listen in to all your television habits, or your smartphone’s or laptop’s speaker or camera streaming something unknowingly to someone. ‘Clapper addressed two different committees on Tuesday—the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Committee—and for the first time suggested that the Internet of Things could be weaponised by governments’, mentions arstechnica

We figured that people would not make the effort

The initiative began with her brother-in-law, stumbling upon a WhatsApp forward of an international aerator brand which was not available in India. So when we are saving water, in turn, are saving a life,” says the homemaker. But later, we realised that people were not valuing the product. “People — from Thane, Kandivali, Goregaon, Jogeshwari — who are passionate about this cause formed the group Balance Water, wherein whenever there is an exhibition where we can educate people on the importance of saving water and how it can be done,” she concludes. Then he along with few other parents formed a group and learned the installation process from us. Since it was free, when the maids complained of not enough water, they instantly removed it. “Almost five to six liters of water are saved in a day. In a period of two years, Andheri resident Alpa Gala taking her religious teaching — that every drop of water has uncountable life — to action has saved over thousands of liters of water across Maharashtra by making people aware of aerators.

Even the plumber cost was getting too much every time,” she explains.Simultaneously, a WhatsApp message was framed and a video created on the functionality and benefits of the aerator. “It has water pressure adjusting mechanism inside, which adjusts the flow rate to optimal flow rate. Reducing the water wastage up to 80 per cent,” Alpa adds. While we got the water in full pressure we ended up saving almost 70 per cent of the water,” recalls the 41-year-old. So we brought in bulk and installed them in my and brother-in-law’s society, friends and hot water tap electric faucet Suppliers relatives homes.Now, there is even a WhatsApp group, created by another save water crusader from Kandivali, comprising 15 people. An aerator, is a small plastic device with multiple holes, which replaces the filter inside the tap that stops the dirt.Over a period of two years, they have installed aerators in over 7000, and counting, households from across Vashi, Palghar, Nepeansea Road, Breach Candy, Walkeshwar and Thane.

We figured that people would not make the effort to go online and purchase, forget installing.You can reach Alpa Gala at: harekboondbachao@gmail.“In Jainism, we believe in saving water, that water too has life.An aeratorAfter installing the aerators and witnessing the results firsthand, their interest grew and they started to educate relatives, neighbours, and friends.In a cost-effective solution for saving water, homemaker Alpa Gala is making people aware of aerators that she installs for just Rs 50.“From there, an email was sent to all the parents. We hired a plumber to fix it in each house,” she shares. Since then, the inquiries haven’t stopped,” adds Alpa, who initially installed aerators in 4000 households free of cost. After that all enquiries generated from the demonstration were taken by him,” she says. “He found that such a device once fitted in the tap could save liters of water on a daily basis. As inquiries flowed, the family took it personally to install aerators in each house. We brought and experimented with it at his house.

However, his curiosity led them to an Indian manufacturer.While a normal tap releases nine to 12 liters of water within a minute, only three liters of water is pushed through the tap with an aerator. While the pressure is there the push through multiple holes is regulated,” she explains.However, after a year she started to charge a minimal fee of 50 rupees for the aerator and its installation. “It got circulated in no time through family and friends. In a ripple effect, a resident of Nepeansea Road, Pawan Seksaria, not only installed it in his house but also took a demonstration to his child’s school, Bombay International.An aerator, is a small plastic device with multiple holes, which replaces the filter inside the tap that stops the dirt.com. “When we started, the aim was to make people aware that such a beneficial thing exists and can make a huge difference

The number of good days have gone up

Harsh Vardhan said the issue of funding to cities was linked to the plans they submitted and there has been a significant rise in the funds given to Rajasthan government..He said plans have been received from around 70 cities, out of which 30 have already been approved and the remaining cities were being persuaded to formulate their plans.He said there is a provision for states to spend up to 5 per cent of the funds under the National Rural Drinking Water Programme for water quality monitoring and surveillance activities.4 per cent in the illnesses caused due to pollution.Replying to a question on water electric faucet Manufacturers contaminated by arsenic and other heavy metals, Rural Development Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said the government is committed to provide clean drinking water to all.

Replying to queries in the Rajya Sabha, he said "as far as pollution in Delhi is concerned, over the last two years continuously, the number of good days for Delhi have improved and the number of bad days have decreased".Vardhan said the government planed to spend a significant amount of money on the National Clean Air Programme involving 102 cities.The Environment and Forest Minister observed that interventions like leapfrogging from BS IV to BS VII by 2020 were also expected to help reduce pollution.Asked whether the government has carried out a study to assess the number of advisories issued by foreign countries against travel to India due to pollution and their impact on tourism, he said an environmental health profile study was being conducted in 20 cities.

The number of good days have gone up in Delhi and the bad days declined, Union Minister Harsh Vardhan said on Monday while referring to the pollution levels in the national capital. The number of poor, very poor and severe days was down to 180 in 2017 compared to 214 in 2016.Minister of State for Environment Mahesh Sharma in a written reply to the Rajya Sabha said that a task force has been set up to devise a strategy to develop an early warning system for air pollution in Delhi-NCR region. He said the development of an early warning system for air pollution is aimed at further strengthening the air quality forecast.He said 102 cities have been selected for the National Clean Air Programme which have to make their own plans for the programme and send them to the Centre.

Talking about other initiatives, he said "for electric mobility, there is an impending programme where we are going to give a maximum subsidy for the next five years to ensure that ultimately by 2030, we shift to total electric mobility"."We have a very ambitious programme which involves multiple stakeholders and in the last two years itself, we have increased the forest cover in the country by about 7,000 square kilometres and multiple ministries are involved in handling this issue," said the minister.Quoting findings from an ICMR study, he said in the last 20 years from 1990-2016, there has been a reduction of 23.As per the AQI data, the number of good, satisfactory and moderate days in Delhi in 2017 stood at 151 compared to 109 in 2016.Harsh Vardhan said it was "debatable" whether the level of pollution overall has increased or not.Tomar said around Rs 25,000 crore will be required for the National Water Quality Sub-Mission launched recently and added that a large number of people in West Bengal, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh were affected by the presence of arsenic and flouride in drinking water

China wholesale instant heating water faucet

The government has realised that it cannot push through a policy which is not practical from consumer point of view and for other stakeholders, he added..Taxation on vehicles should not be based on engine capacity or ground clearance, he added. Elaborating, he said that Department of Heavy Industries has already floated a paper on this and has sought the industrys views."It will take another 50 years. So that is hot water tap electric faucet Suppliers our case to the company principals to give us more hybrid models," Viswanathan said. In the meantime India has a problem of reducing pollution and oil bill, which is the real challenge. Now they are educating themselves in different kinds of technology," Viswanathan said. I think that is what the government should encourage," Viswanathan said. Some Indian companies dont have it but we can always license it to them.

He said that Toyota is even willing to offer hybrid technology to companies which do not have access to it right now.When asked about the companys plans regarding introducing more hybrid models, he added:"We will continue to make hybrids, the only thing is that we want the government to reduce taxes on such vehicles." Currently, hybrid passenger vehicles attract 15 per cent cess over and above the peak GST rate. It means that the emission levels of each car needs to be measured and tax needs to be levied on that basis," TKM Vice Chairman and Whole-Time Director Shekar Viswanathan told PTI in an interview. One is Yaris, if it does well we can increase the volumes and introduce new models in the BS-VI range," Viswanathan

China wholesale instant heating water faucet why the government wont come out with an electric policy," Viswanathan said."However, the auto industry is obviously divided on this issue because some people are more impacted than others but I think the most equitable way of incentivising the industry is by becoming more emission efficient," Viswanathan said.Under the current system, passenger vehicles (PVs) attract top GST rate of 28 per cent with cess ranging from 1 per cent on those less than four metres in length with petrol engine to 22 per cent on big SUVs which are longer than four metres. So we need to get that plant capacity utilisation up."On ways to increase capacity utilisation, he said the companys recent partnership with Suzuki for model sharing in India is one of the ways.

The second way is introduction of new products. When asked about TKMs growth expectations in the current fiscal, Viswanathan said :"We want to grow with the economy or maybe faster than the economy."To give government full credit, they are beginning to understand, they are listening to us, the industry.zjhyd. "Our technology is available for everyone.Bengaluru: Emission levels should be the basis for taxation of passenger cars in India and not engine capacity, size or ground clearance, according to a top executive of Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM). We are utilising less than 50 per cent of our second plant capacity..On electric vehicles, he said that the technology will take time to gain traction in India. "Unfortunately, we are not able to bring more hybrid models due to punitive tax structure

The batteries will extend the range of electric vehicles

 Cengiz Ozkan, professor of mechanical engineering, and Mihri Ozkan, professor of electrical engineering, led the project.Titled "Silicon Derived from Glass Bottles as Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Full Cell Batteries," an article describing the research was published today in the Nature journal Scientific Reports.This research is the latest in a series of projects led by Mihri and Cengiz Ozkan to create lithium-ion battery anodes from environmentally friendly materials..As expected, coin cell batteries made using the glass bottle-based silicon anodes greatly outperformed traditional batteries in laboratory tests. Financial support for this work was provided by the UC-Riverside and UC Faculty Climate Champion initiative.

Downsizing silicon to the nanoscale has been shown to reduce this problem, and by combining an abundant and relatively pure form of silicon dioxide and a low-cost chemical reaction, the researchers created lithium-ion half-cell batteries that store almost four times more energy than conventional graphite anodes.Changling Li, a graduate student in materials science and engineering and lead author on the paper, said one glass bottle provides enough nanosilicon for hundreds of coin cell batteries or three-five pouch cell batteries.Even with today’s recycling programs, billions of glass bottles end up in landfills every year, prompting the researchers to ask whether silicon dioxide in waste beverage bottles could provide high purity silicon nanoparticles for lithium-ion batteries.

The batteries will extend the range of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and provide more power with fewer charges to personal electronics like cell phones and laptops.Researchers at the University of California, Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering have used waste glass bottles and a low-cost chemical process to create nanosilicon anodes for high-performance lithium-ion batteries.Silicon anodes can store up to 10 times more energy than conventional graphite anodes, but expansion and shrinkage during China wholesale electric instant heating water faucet charge and discharge make them unstable.In addition to Mihri and Cengiz Ozkan and Li, contributors include graduate students Chueh Liu, Wei Wang, Zafer Mutlu, Jeffrey Bell, Kazi Ahmed and Rachel Ye.

Hence, we have very promising candidates for next-generation lithium-ion batteries," Li said."We started with a waste product that was headed for the landfill and created batteries that stored more energy, charged faster, and were more stable than commercial coin cell batteries. Previous research has focused on developing and testing anodes from portabella mushrooms, sand, and diatomaceous (fossil-rich) earth.To create the anodes, the team used a three-step process that involved crushing and grinding the glass bottles into a fine white power, a magnesiothermic reduction to transform the silicon dioxide into nanostructured silicon, and coating the silicon nanoparticles with carbon to improve their stability and energy storage properties. Carbon-coated glass derived-silicon (gSi@C) electrodes demonstrated excellent electrochemical performance with a capacity of ~1420 mAh/g at C/2 rate after 400 cycles

Exploration of dark matter could

Theorised by scientists who could not understand missing mass and strangely bent light in faraway galaxies, dark matter has become widely accepted in the physics community even though its existence has never been concretely proven. Dark matter, which does not emit or reflect enough electromagnetic radiation to be observed directly, is one of the huge mysteries of modern science."This is like tracking down the 'son' of dark matter f you cannot find the father, you go to the son and you could learn about at least some properties of his father," Chang said. The satellite is designed to undertake a three-year space mission, but scientists hope it could last five, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.It will enter a sun-synchronous orbit at a height of 500 km to observe the direction, energy and electric charge of high-energy particles in space.

They also hope the 1.China also runs an underground dark matter lab in the southwest province of Sichuan, some 2,400 metres under the earth's surface.9-tonne desk-sized satellite could help shine more light on the hypothetical mass during that short period. DAMPE will support research using the third method, scientists are hoping the findings will help clarify previous observation results and lift the "invisible cloak" of dark matter. Beijing: China on Thursday successfully launched the country's first space telescope in search for signals of dark matter, an invisible material that makes up most of the universe's mass.

Exploration of dark matter could, therefore, give us a clearer idea about the past and future of galaxies and the universe, and will be revolutionary for the world of physics and space science," Chang Jin, chief scientist on the project said.Wukong will scan space in all directions in the first two years and focus on sections where dark matter is most likely to be observed afterward.The satellite is designed to undertake a three-year space mission. Chang said Wukong has the widest observation spectrum and highest energy resolution of any dark-matter probe in the world.

The new satellite's observation spectrum is approximately nine times wider than the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer onboard the International Space Station, while its energy resolution is at least three times higher than its international peers, according to Chang.The Dark Matter Particle Explorer (DAMPE) Satellite, which has been given the moniker "Wukong" after the Monkey King from the Chinese classical fiction "Journey to the West, "was launched on a Long March 2-D rocket from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre..Scientists now believe that only around five per cent of electric water heater Suppliers the total mass-energy of the known universe is made up of ordinary matter rotons, neutrons, electrons ?whereas dark matter and dark energy make up the rest

The first acquisition may come in areas of strategic minerals

2 million tonne a year.Meanwhile, State-run Hindustan Copper, which is aiming at garnering Rs 2,000 crore revenue from operations in the current fiscal, is aspiring to make capital expenditure of Rs 1,200 crore this year for capacity expansion, reopening of closed mines and acquiring new mining leases. (KABIL), the 34:33:33 joint venture of National Aluminium Company (Nalco), Hindustan Copper (HCL) and Mineral Exploration Corporation Ltd (MECL), seems well set to firm up its first overseas acquisition of strategic assets in the next six months or so.

The boards of the respective State-run metals and mining companies have already cleared the proposal to ink a formal JV company with an initial capital of Rs 100 crore and the formal agreement to this effect is likely to be signed within Electric Instant Water Heater Faucet Suppliers the next one week or so, said Sharma, adding that NITI Aayog had already given its nod for the proposed joint venture. The Kolkata- headquartered company has lined up plans to commence work for reopening of Rakha mine and also staring Chapri- Sidheswar mine at Ghatsila soon.

The first acquisition may come in areas of strategic minerals like lithium and cobalt, which would foster the countrys move into electric vehicles (EVs) and in countries like Peru, Bolivia and Chile, said HCL Chairman and Managing Director, Santosh Sharma.Sharma said, "Bids for Malanjkhand and Capri mines have been received. We expect to finalise the successful parties very soon. Interestingly, official teams have already visited mines in countries like Peru, Bolivia and Chile, which are rich in such strategic minerals.4 million tonne per annum to 20. At present, 100 per cent of Lithium-ion batteries or cells are imported in India, as these which have a high energy density are in huge demand for portable electronic devices, solar power plants as well as electric vehicles.Kolkata: Khanij Bidesh India Ltd. Interestingly, HCL has been implementing mine expansion scheme to quadruple its capacity from 3

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